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Triton Electrical’s commercial electrical service specialises in designing and implementing central control systems for irrigation and lighting in large outdoor spaces. We are experienced in developing electrical solutions for councils, commercial landscapers and golf courses.

Our qualified team of professionals can assist with:

  • Central control systems for irrigation and lighting control.
  • Central control databases
  • Irrigation pump stations
  • Motor and process control
  • Cloud based remote access control of systems
  • GSM based control
  • Design of pump stations and central control systems
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Motor and process control
  • Cascade control single and multi-master and multi-follower VFD (variable frequency drive) and VSD (variable speed drive) controllers

Our professional team have the expertise and experience to design and develop the right system for your project. All design, development and installation is done by Triton Electrical and never subcontracted so you know the person you speak to is the one carrying out the work.

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