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Triton Electrical are central control system experts. Read more about our specialised service.


Our experience spans over 20 years and we are trusted throughout the industry for specialised commercial electrical projects.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Lighting & irrigation central control systems

Triton Electrical are commercial electrical contractors specialising in the installation and maintenance of electrical control systems. We design, implement and maintain lighting control access, commercial water features and weather management systems. We are the only provider of design and implementation services for commercial central control systems within the Perth metropolitan area.

The extensive and varied experience of the team means we have the knowledge to install and maintain systems which suit your requirements. We have been operating in the metropolitan area for five years, backed by over 20 years experience. Triton Electrical is trusted by councils, estates and golf courses to identify solutions and deliver a reliable system.

Our professional and high quality workmanship is on display throughout the suburbs, lighting commercial parks, gardens, golf courses and general landscapes. Triton Electrical’s fully licensed team has extensive experience installing commercial electrical systems and our knowledge, expertise and professionalism ensures we are a contractor of choice for clients seeking quality lighting and electrical irrigation solutions.

We guarantee the long term maintenance of your landscaping with quality workmanship, using top brands, and efficient operation. All our work is guaranteed for 12 months and our expert installers are available to provide maintenance and repairs as needed.

Invest in the longevity of your landscapes with expert advice and service from Triton Electrical.